Marketing policy

Our Customers – Aviv Fruits trucks visiting any supermarket chain, distribution and logistics center,

or wholesale store around Israel on daily basis, we deliver the orders directly to any major sales sites.

Our business approach including, fair marketing, product range, reliable supply, and quality control,

strengthen our relations with wholesalers and buyers, and pave the way for growth, innovation, and creativity.


Price Reporting System – Each farmer receives a fair price based on the type and quality of his produce.

The info is passed on to farmers quickly, using a special information system developed by Aviv Fruits.

The report creates transparency by showing all relevant information in a clear and professional manner,

including the final destination market, weight for payment and final price. Once a week, an invoice is issued based

on sound payment terms.‬

Our Producers‭ ‬

We treat our fruit suppliers as the

company most important asset.

We do not own orchards at all, Therefore,

the fruit supply system is based

on our ability to consistently demonstrate

our advantages.‬

Modern Infrastructure‭ ‬

Our modern, sophisticated facilities are absolutely

a vital asset. Each day, hundreds of pallets

leave our distribution center, on the way

to their destinations. The Facility functions

as food factory, and maintains all of the rules

and regulations related to food safety.

Our new and modern sorting and packaging

system turns the fruit that arriving from

the orchards into final products, meets

international criteria, and is under constant

supervision and inspection.

Ideal Location‭ ‬

Our site’s geographical location is ideal, enabling us to reach most of the marketing and distribution centers,

as well as sea ports or airports within a short time. This is a major advantage in maintaining the freshness of produce such that,

in most cases, we are able to offer products picked and harvested that same morning.‬