Throughout the year, our products are shipped to various markets

around the world. Aviv Fruits specializes in exporting soft citrus

Mandarin and Clementine, Lemons, Table Grapes, and Pomegranates.


Our modern, sophisticated
system produces millions
of boxes of citrus
under the brands
Aviv and Jaffa.
We export all kinds
of citrus fruits, specializing
in packaging lemons
and easy-peelers varieties
such as Nova, Ora, Ori, and

Table Grapes

Table Grapes

The first export of Table
Grapes from the vineyards
surrounding Aviv Fruits, not
far from the village of Karmei
Yosef, was shipped in 1979.
From July to October, Aviv Fruits
exports table grapes under Aviv
brand, including seedless green
varieties and seeded red and
black varieties. Each year,
hundreds of acres of magnificent
vineyards produce excellent
quality grapes that are
successfully shipped worldwide.
Aviv Fruits specializes in niche
markets and is mainly developing
partnerships with Africa

Other Products

Plums, Nectarines, Peaches,
Pomegranates, Dates,
Oranges, Grapefruits, etc.
are also included in the
product list. We also do
our utmost to fulfill any
additional requirement.

Quality Control‭ ‬

In order to reach overseas markets with our high-quality products,

we have developed a unique quality control system that monitors each stage of the production process.‬

Preliminary Plan‭ ‬

Everything begins before harvest, with a company representative visiting orchards

and vineyards for initial evaluation and for product quality inspection. The green light to begin the harvest is only

given after all the necessary inspections have taken place, including checking for pesticide residues.

Uncompromising Quality‭ ‬

Once the fruit arrives at the packaging house, it is inspected according to different parameters that determine its final destination,

such as the type of sorting, and the quality of packaging it requires. Then, quality control takes place at hot spots

throughout the sorting and packaging lines. Data such as sugar percentage, juice percentage, diseases and pests level,

type of packaging, stickers, weigh, and other defects, are recorded and saved in a database that provides staff with

up-to-date information on product quality.

Our Growers‭ ‬

Reliable suppliers and excellent farmers who produce high-quality fruit are crucial in providing us

with the business flexibility and capability of making the best deal for the benefits of each one of them.