Our Team

Aviv Fruits is managed by efficient motivated team, uniquely loyal and professionally devoted who are ready

and willing to invest any necessary effort to promote the company’s success and prosperity.

The company was established about 30 years ago,

and since then has been continuously involved in packaging,

marketing and selling of fresh agricultural produce.

Our modern, advanced distribution center, sorting and packaging

facilities, refrigeration spaces and headquarters are located at the heart of

an agricultural area, surrounded by orchards and vineyards,

next to Karmei Yosef village.

We believe that…

Business Principles & Policy‭ ‬

Aviv Fruits’ range of unique and exotic fruits which is always available, awards us the advantage and ability to serve our loyal,

long-standing customers – some of whom have been with us from the beginning. Our long-term years- cooperation with reliable

producers ensure excellent quality and immediate availability for over 40 different types and varieties of fruits and vegetables.

We stand for business integrity and fairness, listening and understanding our suppliers’ needs,

and keeping in ongoing contact with them. All of these contribute to Aviv Fruits’ strength and success.

Desire for Excellency‭ ‬

Aviv Fruits constantly aspires to upgrade its systems, including improving our quality of service to customers and suppliers,

modernizing our computer and monitoring systems, adopting international quality standards, as well as modern state of the art

packaging and marketing solutions. Our vision is to become a leader in implementing quality standards for agricultural produce, and

ensure our Israeli and international customers’ satisfaction. We are committed to serving the farmers through a smooth and quick fruit

handling, and by organizing shipments to end markets, by providing them with reliable, professional and competitive service.

Our professional team is alert to the fact that we produce high-quality food products which require a safe working environment

operating according to strict quality assurance regulations.

Experienced Professional Staff

Aviv Fruits values its team being  vital to our reputation and achievements. Investing in highly professional and dedicated employees

and recognizing their capabilities and contributions, as well as in the high-end technology and working environment,

constitute the critical basis of our success.

International Quality Standards

To reach our objectives, Aviv Fruits’ work is based on clearly defined and supervised processes and regulations,

in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 international quality standard, through the implementation of an up-to-date

risk-control system (HACCP), and a quality system (BRC), as required by retail chains in Israel and abroad.‬

Community and Environment‭ ‬

We regularly contribute our

products to food provision

systems for those in need.

The environment is important

to us, and for that we

manage a unique waste sorting

and recycling project.‬

Skilled and Well-Planned Marketing‭ ‬

Our marketing division finds

solutions for every product.

Aviv marketing and

sales team is responsible for

putting together the daily jigsaw

puzzle, to ensure that every

customer – wholesale, SP chain

or store – receives the products

ordered at the best quality,

at the appointed time and place.‬

Business Profile‭ ‬

Aviv Fruits offers a wide range

of high value products

all year round, It is a mix of

activities includes exporting,

importing and local markets,

leads to stability and proven

financial capability, and

contribute to leveraging our

capabilities towards

permanent growth prosperity.